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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On The Grill

My aunt and I went to On The Grill today for lunch. It's a place that occupies a former hog dog joint, I think it was called "Chicago Dawgz" or something like that. It's a little tucked away, next to the Panda Express in a strip mall at 39th Street and Thomas.

We originally were going to go to The Grind at 40th Street and Camelback but then I looked at the menu and it is a little pricey for us for lunch. The burgers and other sandwiches (chicken and pork) do look delicious though, with lots of fancy condiments like sun dried tomatoes and candied jalapeƱos, so I will be going, just not today. (If any benefactors out there want to invite me, I am up for the occasion!) They do have a full bar with many beers on tap and in the bottle. They also make fancy cocktails like a Manhattan, which I have never tried, but have always wanted to.

At On The Grill, my aunt had a 1/2 pound burger and she said it was delicious, it could have been more "medium" for her taste but otherwise she liked it. There were lots of condiments on top: onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce; she added catsup and mustard.

We shared a large basket of crispy fries that we could not possibly finish.

I had a sonoran hot dog, it comes with mayo (I got mine without), beans, bacon, jalapeƱo, tomatoes, and mustard. With the peppers I thought it would be spicier. The beans added a nice touch, and the dog was perfectly charred.

They have shakes on their menu and root beef floats too, which we did not try, but the idea of either one sounds great to me.

My aunt pronounced that we'll be going back to try their Italian beef sandwiches and I don't ever argue with my aunt. Especially when it comes to food.

Go check this place out for tasty eats at lunch!

This place also looks great, more "gourmet" style. But don't forget your wallet.

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