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Monday, September 6, 2010

Food/gadgets/planning for San Diego trip

If all goes well this month, and I hope it does, I'll be heading to San Diego for a few days with Wanda and my little sister. I will be a passenger, and I plan to properly reward my partners in travel procurement with date shakes from Dateland. I prefer the cactus one, though. It is not too sweet and very refreshing on a hot day when one is on the road.

So today I'm thinking about what I need to bring on my trip. So far this is the short list:
2 lemon lemon loaf cakes (I already told my Dad about them)
espresso maker
coffee (Pajaro from Trader Joe's)
coffee grinder

My Dad was telling me today that my Mom used to make a lemon cake with chocolate icing. That sounds really good. Mmmmmmmmmm.

I digress.

When we get to Carlsbad I told my Dad we'll stock up on goodies and that probably means a trip to Trader Joe's for puttanesca sauce and spaghetti (and wine of course). I also told him I'll treat him to a great meal somewhere of his choice if the gods of finance are with me on this trip. Osteria Romantica in La Jolla sounds like just the ticket, they make this delicious dish with pasta and Italian sausage in a chunky tomato sauce with green bell peppers, red peppers and onions. Wow, it is so so so good. And they have yummy tiramisu and espresso also. Frequently you see the owner behind the bar, and I think that is a good sign, when you see the owner on the premises. That means there is quality control, very important to this kitchen wench.

There is a place in Carlsbad called Papagayo which I would like to try also, Dad said they make a beet salad, and I am very fond of beets. The old standbys for us include Hernandez Hideaway for yummy Mexican food (although last time I over did it on the margaritas and had to pay for it the next day) and we also like Anthony's for fish. They make this red snapper dish with an artichoke and mushroom sauce that is to die for. Last but not least, we'll go to Carlsbad Danish Bakery. Cinnamon, cherry and apple danish! Oh my!!

There's a lot to look forward to when I visit my Dad. Hopefully we'll play some frisbee on the beach and stick our toes in the water. He really enjoys the ocean, and I am so excited to spend some quality time with him.

Happy days.

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