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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Urban Beans and Salon Embellish

Urban Beans has a very friendly patio that makes
you feel right at home.

Yummy pastries and tabbouleh/hummus plates await you
at Urban Beans. Coffee too!

It was nice to sit for awhile with a cool beverage
and enjoy my book.

Sometimes you are in between meetings (or errands) and you just need a place to crash for an hour and check your email (or catch up on reading) know what I mean. Today I found the perfect place to "hang my hat" - at Urban Beans just north of Osborn on 7th St. (west side).

They have yummy pastries, chocolate dipped strawberries and a hummus/tabbouleh plate. I also noticed their special today was a Caprese salad for $8. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

The inside is very urban feeling (hence the name of the place!) - the floors are concrete, which I really like. Outside there is a patio where you can hang (and there is wi-fi too) if you're not an a/c person (I'm not).

Urban Beans is hosting an event soon for the Greater Phoenix Chamber (on May 24 - 7:15 am) so if you are looking for new clients and want to check them out, this event might be your ticket.

Today I opted for an Arnold Palmer, they made me one with green/mint tea and lemonade. It was very refreshing. Urban Beans could become my go-to spot for a cup of java/pastry when I'm in the hood. It's dangerously close to my Mom's, and now that we have been "introduced," I have the perfect excuse to drop in, being nearby and all.

They are right around the corner from Salon Embellish, which I need to visit soon for some pampering (and get a hair cut, or two). Salon Embellish hosted our mixer tonight with the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I was very impressed with their facility; they do massage, hair, aesthetics (waxing/facials) and also sell jewelry. They have Aveda products which I like very much. And... they give a generous discount to AZHCC members (become a member now, the AZHCC can help you meet your bottom line)!

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