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Saturday, April 23, 2011

See's - the mecca for Easter goodies, and Orange Table

The remains of the day - my yogurt parfait, that is...
and a very spicy bloody mary.

Get your Easter "on" at See's!

It is easy to get distracted by all of the offerings here at See's.

See's is the place to fill your Easter basket. There are chocolate bunnies, chocolate filled eggs, jelly beans, dark chocolate California Brittle in little bags and all other kinds of yummies you didn't know you needed (but you do).

I was in Tempe this morning to have my car looked at. Jack determined my compressor has seen better days (RIP) so we are looking for a solution to replace it so my little beetle will have cold air this summer. He understands the solution we want is a "mexicanada" - or a Mexican way of saying, we're going to fix this thing with bailing wire for cheap but it's going to be a good fix so what we do will hopefully last a long time.

Anyways, his shop is just down the way from See's in downtown Scottsdale, so I was able to do some Easter shopping. Got a Mayfair egg for my Mum, bro and not to forget my auntie (she's having us for dinner tomorrow so I needed a hostess gift). The Mayfair eggs have a cherry and pecan filling covered in dark chocolate - not a bad thing!

Afterwards I met my little sis and her bf Dominic for a light breakfast at Orange Table, also in Scottsdale. Great food here, I can't wait to try their hummus. Dominic enjoyed a grilled cheese sammy on olive bread. (I know!) I'm not a fan of cheese but on this bread I have to tell you it looked so good. And there were tomatoes on it, which looked very pretty peeking out. We all had iced tea which tasted like apricots and I dined on a yogurt parfait with bananas and granola with the best darn bloody mary I have ever tried. You have got to get one of their bloody marys at Orange Table. They make their own bloody mary mix. Yes! That means lots (Lots) of horseradish. I like! Fran munched on a very yummy looking sammie on toasted whole wheat that had all kinds of veggies poking out. The bread slices are very thick and I am wondering where they get their bread. Do they make it? Or, where does it come from - I must find out.

Happy Easter!

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