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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicken fried steak @ Hazelwood's bar

The special at Hazelwood's today was
chicken fried steak. Yummy!

My friend Lizzy who also volunteered recently at the Black & White Ball (AZ Hispanic Chamber) invited me to lunch today.

For joy!

In the spirit of not driving all over creation to find somewhere to eat, we chose to eat at Hazelwood's. It was smart, since it's right in front of where I live. About 500 feet. Very practical.

Especially practical if you enjoy trivia night and don't want to drive home after a few black and tans!

We both had the chicken fried steak (cube steak) with mashed potatoes. The whole mess was smothered in a cream gravy with buttered green beans on the side. All for $6.99. I think that's a steal. And I have half leftover for lunch tomorrow, which the frugal kitchen wench appreciates.

Hazelwoods also has pizza, amazing hot wings and tasty/crispy fried zucchini & mushrooms. It's a great spot to grab a bite and have a beer if you want to watch the game - they have lots of TVs inside and outside where there is an enclosed patio. Sometimes there is also live music!

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