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Friday, April 8, 2011

Los Dos Molinos on South Central Ave.

The facade of S. Central Los Dos Molinos.
(this picture borrowed from their website)

The kitchen wench had a proper date this week. Shocking, yes...I know.

It's someone I've known for a few years now so we're kind of friends already. That helped.

JP took me to Los Dos Molinos on S. Central Avenue. Sorry I don't have pictures. I was nervous enough already without whipping out my cell phone and taking pictures of the huge (and delicious) margaritas, my crispy chicken taco and side of yummy whole pintos. JP had the ribs which he said were great. The chips at Los Dos Molinos are fresh, huge and unsalted, which I like. The salsas are quite spicy (one red, one green).

I had forgotten that I visited their Springerville location back in October of 09 with my Dad when he was visiting from California. We hiked Mt. Balde and it was a very rainy day (and windy and snowy). On that visit I had a chicken tostada (you will notice a chicken trend with the kitchen wench) and Spanish rice.

I tried to do a property search of their S. Central location but since it isn't residential I couldn't find out when the building was purchased and how much it cost. JP told me that it was a house originally and they turned it into what it is now - a great restaurant.

Get yourself to Los Dos Molinos. Ahora. Ahora mismo.

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