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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Cider Mill Root Beer, Dark 'n' Spicy and Emergen-C

The Cider Mill root beer and Emergen-C (the pink stuff).

I was inspired to write today's post after reading another blog, The Bitten Word, which I have been following for about a year and a half now. They have some great recipes, among which recently include ideas for making a yummy brunch. But, the inspiring post was not mimosas or blueberry muffins, but rather a drink called Dark 'n' Spicy which you can find here
The drink includes black rum and ginger beer. And ice. How good does that sound?

Speaking of drinks, yesterday I was at AJ's Fine Foods and a nice man from The Cider Mill was there giving samples of their artisan root beer and cream soda. Both are great! I brought home a large bottle of root beer and I plan to serve it to my little brother next week on top of vanilla ice cream a la root beer float. I'm still working on the entree. Or, maybe we will make extra large ones and that will be the entree.

The Cider Mill also makes sandwiches and isn't far from one of my favorite places, Iruña. So, I'll need to go check it out, soon!

Recently my Dad was visiting and gifted me a box of Emergen-C, it's a powder (supplement) that you put in a glass of water. I'm not sure it's giving me more energy (yet) but it is helping me stay hydrated, I can tell you that. And it doesn't taste too bad :)

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