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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fry Bread House

My Mom was putting a "bacon care package"
together for me to take home.

I'm smiling at the thought of eating bacon.

The frybread taco at Fry Bread House. Yummy!

I did some work today from home and later realized I needed a feed. What's a hungry kitchen wench to do? I called my brother and we went over to the Fry Bread House lunch today.

It was packed.

What recession?

We both had a "taco" with spicy red chili on frybread (folded over) with chunky beans, lettuce, and cheese. My bro really enjoyed it and declared we will be back.

I can't argue with my family, so...I guess it will have to be so.

Twist my arm. Get down there now.

Right now!

Afterwards we went over to my Mom's and she made me a care package with bacon, a bagel and potato salad. Moms are good like that. She's also sporting a cute new haircut from Irene at Magañas Hair Salon on 32nd St./McDowell. Irene also took care of my cejas (brows) and bigote (moustache) which I am very thankful for. I'm looking less like a changa (monkey) these days. This is a good thing.

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