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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arcadia Tavern and life in Arcadia 'Lite'

The Arcadian Pizza from Arcadia Tavern is a tasty pie.

I'm a resident in the neighborhood of 36th St./Indian School, aka Arcadia 'Lite,' according to what some street signs in the hood say.

That's pretty funny, really. It might actually come in handy if I need to sell, like...soon?

I'm struggling with our local politics lately and find that I'm admiring my friends who have recently left the state (and the country) as a result of same. It's hard to be a demmie when we have nutballs with the initials R.P. running our state. I'm just saying...

I digress. Sorry.

The purpose of this post originally was to tout a local bar/restaurant called Arcadia Tavern. I was there with a good buddy last night who ironically will be leaving the state soon. We had some tasty brews (Kiltlifter and IPA pale) and shared an Arcadian pizza.

This pizza is so yummy. You must go get one. The toppings include: sausage, pepperoni and meatballs. (Oh my!) Now you understand why you must go get one.

They also have Wii set up so if you bring your nieces/nephews/kiddos, they have something to do while you get your eat and drink on.


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