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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bunna Coffee

Bunna Coffee has a great selection of whole bean coffees.

My booty from Bunna Coffee.
Whole bean medium Guatemalan coffee. Yesss!

As you can see by the menus, there is a very good
selection of coffee and other yummies.
They bake their own goodies too.

My cafe au lait, almost gone.

I'm at Bunna Coffee today for a client meeting and it's a very cool place. Very indie. I wish it was closer to home, though! But it's's good to be here in Tempe.

Bunna Coffee has wraps/panninis and many different kind of coffee drinks. I'm having a large cafe au lait, which came to $2.89 (half warm milk/half Ethiopian drip) and I think the price was right. You can also get beans to go, which the kitchen wench appreciates.


There is outside seating as well as ample indoor space. And free Wifi. What else could we ask for? A satellite location in Phoenix, perhaps?

It is good to dream...

Get yourself to Bunna Coffee and check out the chill vibe. Lots of students here doing homework. Making me nostalgic.

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