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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Appreciating the kindness of strangers (or family/friends/prospective clients)

The remnants of my dinner last night at Vitamin T.
¡Tortas, Tacos y Tequila!

"Quien quiera que seas, siempre confié en la bondad de los desconocidos."

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

I'm borrowing this phrase from the movie A Streetcar Named Desire

A part of it was also performed by Marisa Paredes (as Huma Rojo) in the movie "Todo Sobre Mi Madre" by Pedro Almodóvar, which is one of my favorite directors.

¡Viva Pedro!

I digress.

Today I'm posting about appreciating the kindness of family, friends and prospective clients (thank you Minerva for the Invaders tickets. Check out her company's website, Mueblería del Sol

Thanks go out to my auntie for taking us to Pollo Loco this past week for lunch. Oh yeah, she took us to Manuel's too My uncle passed this week (RIP uncle Warren) so we've been spending a bit more time together.

Thanks go out to my mom for treating my bro and I to Defalco's for lunch while we were in Tempe getting her car serviced.
Jack at LeSueur worked on Mom's car. They are building a new shop (air conditioned) and I teased him that he's probably getting his own office with a secretary who will bring him coffee.

Thanks Willie for treating us to Vitamin T last night.
We both had tortas de pollo milanesa and Dos Equis amber on tap before the Invaders show. Word has it that the Vitamin T folks (aka owner/chef Aaron May) are building a little German restaurant next door at City Scape that will have brats, beer and pretzels. I can't wait to check that out. And I need to get over to their other restaurant too, Iruña. I've got a coupon for a pitcher of sangria with any purchase. Any takers?

Thank you Jason for treating us to Tokyo Express while we watched Big Love on HBO last weekend. And thanks for sharing the cherry pie. Yum!

Thanks go out to Michelle and Huck for hosting an awesome superbowl party recently. And Michelle brews her own beer. Can't wait to try the latest version. She will also give a class if we can get a group of interested folks together. My thinking is that the class will fill up quickly, so let me know if you're interested.

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