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Sunday, October 17, 2010

More goodies from Germany

Homemade pretzels. How tasty do these look?

Waffles with chocolate and nuts.

Kiwi flavored bubble gum. My brothers would have liked this when they were little.

A big thank you to Noah (Yecla's son) for the pictures of the chewing gum and waffles. It looks like he may be a golosina too, like yours truly.

According to Yecla, the chewing gum is kiwi flavor (sounds tasty) and the waffles have chocolate and nuts and are good for taking to school - they look portable, which can be a nice thing when you're on the go and still need something yummy.

The pretzels Yecla baked at home. I'm a big fan of pretzels. There is a bakery on Indian School road near 16th St. that makes very good salted pretzels. I'm not sure if they make them every day, but it is worth going to check them out if you're not going to make them at home. Hats off to you Yecla for doing it yourself.

Save one for me please :)

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