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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raspados and other yummies at Sonora Mesquite Grill

I worked a half day yesterday and promised my aunt I would take her to Sonora Mesquite Grill for lunch. We've both become fans, so when the $10 coupon offer ($20 value) via Living Social landed in my inbox, I didn't hesitate to get one. Maybe I should have gotten two.

We both had the barbacoa (tender shredded beef) tacos combo with rice and beans. The barbacoa is very delicious and the rice and beans have just the right amount of heat. The combo comes with 3 types of salsas that I believe are homemade, one is very chunky and a tad salty which I like, the other is a tomatillo and the last is a chipotle (smoky).

The nice lady behind the counter suggested we try a raspado (shaved ice with fruit) instead of our regular choice (lemonade) so that's what we did. My aunt got a peach flavored one and mine was lime. Oh my! It was nice and tart, and very refreshing for our hot summer day (was it 111 degrees yesterday?).

This is going to become one of my favorite raspado places this summer, I can tell.

We saw others file in as we were having our lunch and it looks like Living Social is helping Sonora Mesquite Grill get the word out. Hopefully the restaurant didn't have to take too much of a loss on issuing the coupons. The upswing is that it can be very good for advertising = repeat customers.

Count us in!

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