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Monday, June 27, 2011

Can't go to China? Try Mekong Palce.

Crispy duck skin with chopped duck/water chestnuts and pancakes.

House fried rice and house chow mein (soft noodle).

This picture came from Yelp's website,
in the spirit of full disclosure.
Mekong Palace is located in an indoor mall in
Mesa, where they have other restaurants, stores with clothing,
jewelry and a huge Asian supermarket.

Lychees (from the Asian supermarket) and mango.

After a wonderful afternoon with my mainsqueeze (!) watching Super 8 at Tempe Marketplace, we headed over to Mekong Palace in Mesa for some Chinese food.

Mekong Palace is a superior experience in Chinese dining, in the kitchen wench's humble opinion. The place is full of people, you are served quickly and the food is delicious and reasonable. What could else two foodies ask for?

They are having a Peking duck special right now - where you get the skin (crispy) atop shrimp chips and then they bring you the rest of the duck that has been cubed and prepared with water chestnuts. You get little "pancakes" and lettuce leaves so you can make little sandwiches with the crispy duck and lettuce wraps with the cubed duck. This is so delicious. If you don't try any other item at Mekong Palace, try the duck. Very juicy & rich. Love the crispy skin. All of this for about $13.

It will be time to get back on the treadmill soon. Hanging out with a fellow foodie will do this to you (expansion).

These guys also have dim sum. We're going back for that on the next pass!

I digress. We also had the house chow mein (soft noodles) and the house fried rice. Both have a combination of pork, beef and shimp with a few veggies thrown in for good measure. We also had potstickers (not pictured) which were spicy/juicy and we devoured them quickly.

I have a bento portion of the rice and chow mein to take with me for lunch today, which warms the cockles of my heart (or should I say my tummy).

My mainsqueeze just got his passport (the first one in his life) so he is anxious to explore other lands. Being the compliant companion (especially after a meal like this) I hope to be going to with him soon to try foods from Nogales and Rocky Point. Maybe if we can score some time off work what could be next. Maybe...Thailand?

To be continued!

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