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Saturday, June 11, 2011

French toast with mango

The kitchen wench has been eating a lot of french toast lately, mostly's yummy.

Some choice phrases/quotes have recently come to mind: do what you do and the money will follow (don't know where that came from), don't be a victim (EST) and, No, I didn't sell the ms. pacman machine because I have known her longer than you (Weeds).

News flash: a guest chef (saucier?) has been in my life the past several weeks, and this is a good thing.

You know how sometimes we don't always feel super creative - I haven't felt bit by the creative bug in quite awhile. Last year I made some nice friends who garden, make beer, paint and write.

I'm not much of a gardener (my loofah seeds just died). I have painted (the inside of my Mom's house) and I enjoy drinking beer. I'm not sure if this blog qualifies as writing. It's a fun outlet, though.

It was tempting to put chamoy on my french toast this morning - it would have been a pretty garnish. That reminds me, I need to get over to Oasis Raspados' new location at 32nd St./Greenway for a chamoyada.

Un toque al día...I think that means something like "do this once every day." I will apply this to french toast and chamoyadas, maybe.

And ping pong.

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