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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crispy pork with Puerto Rican rice & beans

Crispy marinated pork cooked on a rotisserie.

Red beans with salt pork.

Rice with pigeon peas and salt pork. Pork fat rules!

I'm in a Puerto Rican coma right now. Seriously.

Last week Jack made plantains. I thought that was the ultimate.

Tonight, he made pork on a rotisserie, marinated with garlic and orange juice. On the side we had rice with gandules (pigeon peas) and salt pork. He also made a side of red beans with pork hocks.

Oh my goodness.


I've always aspired to fall for someone who knows what they are doing in the kitchen. I think that's happening right now. He has capers in his pantry, along with sea salt and manzanilla olives.

¡Dios mío!

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