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Friday, November 19, 2010

Cost Plus - control central for your Thanksgiving baking

I'm the proud and happy owner of a new pie pan.

My Mom was telling me today that since I'm in charge of making our pies for Thanksgiving this year, I need to get a 9" pie pan. She gave me a 10" pie pan today. That one is for apple pie. She told me to make the pie exactly according to the directions on the can of pumpkin, and the can says, use a 9" pie pan.

Enough said.

I was at Cost Plus tonight and spied this nice pie pan, it is stoneware and the outside is navy blue (sorry I didn't get a good shot of the outside). The best part is the price - $7.50. It was a promo, regularly $9.99.

So I actually saved money tonight. Riiiiight...

Cost Plus is also a great store for spices. If you buy your spices there, you will save a bundle vs. your regular grocery store. The exception to that rule is if you buy your spices at a Mexican grocery store like Food City. They have line of spices called "El Guapo" that is very reasonable.

So...head to Cost Plus for your baking needs for this Thanksgiving. They also have a lot of extras like a great selection of wine and imported chocolates. Mmmmmm.

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