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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hunting & gathering in Chesapeake, VA

What's in the fridge...

Freezer contents, and...

Snacks and coffee.

Today I'm in front of a computer in Chesapeake, VA, just having returned from a hunting and gathering expedition (check out my booty).

Why, do you ask?

The Extended Stay Hotel that I'm at does not have a grocery store nearby, so a trekking I went this morning to Target. I guess it's about a mile and a half each way, so it occurs to me that I won't miss my workouts too much back home...I'll make it up by being pedestrian friendly, as it were.

I found a major haul at Target today - what I could carry back - included:
raisin english muffins
blueberry yogurt
earl grey tea
dried apricots
kashi and lean cuisine frozen dinners

This should hold me until Monday when I start class. The fine folks at Regent U. have provided us "starving students" with meal coupons. Yes! I was so happy to receive my breakfast coupon in the mail last week...good for 6 bucks of vittles from Regent's cafeteria. They are treating us to breakfast and lunch all week long, which helps the kitchen wench's budget.

Also I brought some coffee from home (Pajaro, from Trader Joe's), Mexican candy (tamarind flavor) and raw almonds. The nice lady at the TSA checkpoint had a chuckle when she saw my coffee, after inspecting my computer. She said, "you brought coffee?"

I digress.

I spied some menus in the lobby this morning where I am staying. It appears there are some Chinese restaurants that deliver to this neck of the woods. One in particular has lunch specials, so it may be moo goo gai pan for me today.

Otherwise I'm studying, need to catch up on some readings for class and brush up on syntax, morphology and semantics (oh my!).

Until our next dining experience...

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